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Maximize Staff Performance

Engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave your place of employment. Recognizing your employees will bring you 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, and 50% higher customer loyalty. Learn what it takes to motivate your employees.

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Increase Market Share

Are you confused about how to grab more market share? Differentiating your company and believing all families are not the same will help you transform and differentiate from your competitors. Separate yourself from the crowd. 

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Avoid Litigation

Without question, this is a litigious society and some are looking for any little thing to sue for. Having the knowledge with expert training on how you can avoid litigation will save you money, time, and your well-earned reputation.

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Supercharge Profits

Are you lost trying to find ways to boost profits? Customer service and knowing your cremation families is key to developing strategies that meet their needs and increase profits. See how Nicodemus & Associates can help.

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We invited Mike to come to our funeral home in Central New York to give us ideas to help increase our cremation revenues. After two days of working closely with him, we have increased revenues per every cremation by an average of over $1,100;. We have also become known as the cremation experts in our market and have increased our call volume!

Albert J. Abdulla - Manager and Cremation Specialist, Dimbleby, Friedel, Williams, and Edmunds Funeral Homes.

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