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Many people have asked, Mike, why are you forming this team of cremation experts when you were almost at the end of your career? The answer is easy. Nicodemus & Associates Funeral and Cremation Consulting Services has recognized the need that not only funeral homes, funeral directors, and crematory operators need to help guide them through the years ahead now that families that choose cremation versus burial is reaching almost 50%. There are many funeral directors out there that still look at cremation as bad for business. That thinking has to change. This is where Nicodemus & Associates can help change that train of thought. Cremation may certainly put a damper on your bottom line, but we can help change that.

I formed this company because over the years when I have presented at a State or National convention, I would always hear, “Mike, this information was great. I just wish my entire staff were here to have heard you”. After hearing those remarks numerous times I began to think, well maybe they can hear this all at one time, and at your place of business. Traveling can be expensive, not to mention the time your employees spend away from your operation. Let me make myself perfectly clear, I think the networking at conventions is wonderful, not to mention the educational programs that will help them develop into great funeral directors, but you can’t send everyone at the same time, so this is what makes Nicodemus & Associates different.

I have assembled a team of experts in the fields of marketing, customer service, re-branding, employee motivation, litigation issues, technology, and crematory policies and procedures, just to name a few items our experts can cover with you and your entire staff.

Trust me, I am not an eloquent writer, but I am someone who has a passion to help funeral homes, funeral directors, and crematories do their very best when it comes to serving the families who have chosen cremation as their choice of memorialization and disposition.

Nicodemus & Associates are available to come to you, at your convenience, to provide guidance for whatever you need. We are funeral directors helping funeral directors. As the cremation rates continue to climb, you have to ask yourself this question, am I doing the best job I can to help my cremation families understand their options. Even if you wavered on that question, you may want to give us a call.

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