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“What is Customer Service?”  By breaking down the words “customer” and “service,” we refer to Webster for the official definition.  Webster defines the words as follows:

Customer: One that purchases a commodity or service.  An individual usually having some specified distinctive trait.

Service:  The occupation or function of serving. The work that is performed by one that serves.

I think Webster makes this sound a little confusing.  Perhaps that is why there is such poor customer service in the world today – very few actually understand what customer service really is, or means.  So, let me clear it up for you in simple terms and give you my definition of customer service:

Customer:  The one who is paying your salary.

Service:  Taking care of.

By my definition then, customer service is “taking care of the one who is paying your salary.”  It’s just that simple.

Regardless of what business you are in, customer service is always defined the same way.  However, some of the behaviors that are used to “take care of the one who is paying your salary” may be different.

In the death care industry, “taking care of the one who is paying your salary” is even more important, because you’re also dealing with that person during a highly emotional time in their lives.  A time when, unfortunately, they are vulnerable and can easily be taken advantage of.  A time when, if we’re in this industry for the right reasons, we have the ability to put our best foot forward and be a positive example to other industries by showing empathy to the customer and truly putting them first.

Putting the customer first will not only give them a more pleasant experience in the moment, but will lead to return business as they remember how well they were taken care of.

It also leads to positive word of mouth about your company and believe me, that’s going to add more to your bottom line than any amount of advertising.

So if you want to increase revenues, don’t just increase the prices on your products and please don’t take advantage of your customers by using their emotional state to “sell up.”  Instead, become an industry leader by offering the best possible customer service available.  You’ll feel good, your customer’s will be pleased and you’ll see the positive effects on your bottom line.

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